Debbie Mosher


Phone: 902-579-7754



Medium: Painting, Acrylic
Years in Business: 25
Address: 5755 Young Street; 1451 South Park Street suite 103
City: Halifax
Postal Code: B3K 1Z9; B3J OB6
Geographic Location: Halifax-Peninsula
Hours of Business: Young Street Sun 9 -5 Mon -Sat 8-8; South Park 7am -11pm every day


Description of artist's work

Debbie enjoys capturing time in art. These moments of time are transformed with each brushstroke into a variety of art styles from realism to expressionism. She works in acrylics, oils and mixed media.

Title: Bus
Title: Ferry
Title: Men

Title: Natasha
Title: Salt Marsh Trail
Title: Street Hockey



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