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Phone: (902) 446 4077

Website: www.maeisart.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MaeisArtGallery

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MaeisArt

Medium: painting
Years in Business: 20
Address: Art 1274 Hollis, 1274 Hollis Street, Halifax
City: Halifax
Postal Code:
Geographic Location: Downtown-Halifax
Hours of Business: Summer, 10-6 daily, Winter, M-W 10-4,T&F 10-6,Sat 10-5, Sun 12-4


Well known for her profusion of bold and vibrant hues, oversized suns and moons, and shapes that are delineated with dark outlines, Wendy Bissett Beaver (MaeisArt), invites the viewer to explore her artistic world. She works with acrylics and ink. Wendy has had many solo shows in The Dart Gallery and also has a permanent exhibit at Seventy3 Fusion. Wendy lives and works in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia! See Wendy's exhibition My Back Yard, October 3rd to 27 2019 at Art 1274 Hollis Gallery, 1274 Hollis St., Halifax

Description of artist's work

Dartmouth, NS - Artist- Contemporary Illustrative art painted in bright, bold acrylic & ink. See her work online or at Art 1274 Hollis.

Title: Elizabeth the Mermaid,
Copyright © 2017,
Medium: acrylic & ink
Dimensions: 20 x 24,
Title: Peggy's Cove Gulls,
Copyright © 2017,
Medium: acrylic & Ink
Dimensions: 24 x 24,
Title: Drunkin' Lights On A Halifax Pier,
Copyright © 2017,
Medium: acrylic & ink
Dimensions: 20 x 20,

Title: Brier Island Lighthouse,
Copyright © 2018,
Medium: acrylic & Ink
Dimensions: 10 x 10,
Title: Jada Jay,
Copyright © 2019
Medium: acrylic & ink
Dimensions: 20 x 20,
Title: The Epitome Of Nova Scotia,
Copyright © 2017,
Medium: acrylic & ink
Dimensions: 36 x 48,



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