Roxanne Smith


Phone: 902-420-0854


Medium: Photography
Years in Business:
Address: 1272 Barrington Street
City: Halifax
Postal Code:
Geographic Location: Downtown-Halifax
Hours of Business: Thursday-Sunday 12 - 5, additional Summer hours


Smith's work is about time and memory. She depicts intimate places and moments. Each image suggests a narrative or memory. Through them, the viewer may connect with the piece. Roxanne graduated with a bachelor of Fine Arts from Mount Allison University. Her artworks are in the collections of the Canada Council Bank. the Nova Scotia Art Bank, the Collection of Mount St. Vincent University Art Gallery and private collections.

Description of artist's work Roxanne’s work is about time and memory. Intimate, ordinary places and objects are her subjects. The images suggest stories and memories to the viewer; each story is different for every viewer.

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