Anne Launcelott

"The world is my canvas, the camera is my brush." Anne’s fascination with cultures that are different than her own have influenced her desire to travel to new and unfamiliar places. Her photography is inspired by people and the themes of everyday life. She is attracted to colour, texture and light and these elements provide a rich backdrop for her subjects. Getting close and interacting with her subjects, often by communicating with hand gestures, fosters a shared trust that will sometimes result in something magical happening. A photograph has the ability to capture emotion in a fraction of a second. Anne wants her photographs to say something about life and the human condition and she wants to pull the viewer in by telling a story through her imagery.
Anne received her first camera, a birthday present from her father, at the age of 14 and has had a passion for photography ever since. She has always pursued a variety of artistic expressions throughout her life and attended the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design from 1978 until 1983 majoring in ceramic hand built sculpture. For over 25 years Anne worked mainly in black & white film photography. Anne has exhibited across Canada, the United States and Europe. She had her first major solo exhibit in Rybinsk, Russia in 2018. Her work is in the Nova Scotia Art Bank, The Canadian Foundation for Chinese Heritage Preservation and the Photography Museum of Lishu, China.


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