Welcome to the 2018 - 2019 Halifax Art Map



Anne Launcelott

Medium: Photography
"The world is my canvas, the camera is my brush." Anne is inspired by people and the themes of everyday life. Through the lens of her camera, she learns about different cultures and their people.

Location: 44.6306708, -63.6066626

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Mindy Moore

Medium: Ceramic
Mindy continues to work with western raku firing as well as high fire stoneware. Her newest work--wall pieces--exude a spirited appreciation of clay's innate qualities and bringing those to life.

Location: 44.6299635, -63.6049482

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Kathryn Harley Haynes

Medium: painting
Kathryn works with mixed media and acrylics to create heavily textured, colourful images inspired by nature, history and her imagination. Her paintings are bold, impactful and sometimes whimsical.

Location: 44.5961222, -63.5606831

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