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Website: http://www.lidgardphotography.com

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Medium: Photography
Years in Business: 11
Address: 6934 Patricia Street
City: Halifax
Postal Code: B3L 1J4
Geographic Location: Halifax-Peninsula
Hours of Business: By appointment


Damian Lidgard was born in England in 1969. His interest in nature photography began in 1990 after he graduated from university with a Bachelor's degree in Zoology. Damian believes that a good photograph comes from the eye and not the camera, so he has used his zoological training and experience to teach himself to quietly observe and photograph nature. His photography skills are self-taught. In 2006, Damian developed his observational skills through studying Miksang contemplative photography. This meditative art form transformed his view of the world and encouraged him to take a more confident, gentle and meditative approach. Damian is now based in Halifax, NS where he combines his work as a zoologist and photographer.

Description of artist's work

My interest in the art of photography lies not with the camera but with seeing the beauty of the world through fresh perceptions. With a background in zoology, much of my inspiration comes from nature

Title: Sparrow on a wire
Copyright © 2006
Medium: Digital photograph
Title: Brown horse
Copyright © 2009
Medium: Digital photograph

Title: Harbour seal
Copyright © 2012
Medium: Digital photograph
Title: Black Horse
Copyright © 2009
Medium: Digital photograph
Title: Untitled-412
Copyright © 2011
Medium: Digital photograph
Title: Yellowlegs
Copyright © 2010
Medium: Digital photograph



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