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Phone: 9024786194

Website: www.emmafitzgerald.ca

Facebook: www.facebook.com/houseportrait

Twitter: emmafitz_art

Medium: drawing
Years in Business: 4
Address: 2042-1 Creighton St.
City: Halifax
Postal Code: B3K 3R2
Geographic Location: Halifax-Peninsula
Hours of Business: by appointment


Emma FitzGerald was born in Lesotho to Irish parents. She has followed a career path that is part art, part architecture, receiving a BFA in Visual Art at the University of British Columbia, and a Masters in Architecture at Dalhousie University. Her newest book, on bookshelves in September 2017 is "SKETCH BY SKETCH Along Nova Scotia's South Shore."

Description of artist's work

At once whimsical and highly detailed, Emma's drawings, done in pen and coloured digitally, are an exploration of the world around her. She is the author of "Hand Drawn Halifax" (Formac Publishing).

Title: Cover of Newest Book "SKETCH BY SKETCH Along Nova Scotia's South Shore"
Copyright © 2017
Title: Bike & Bloom
Medium: digital print
Dimensions: Variable
Title: Cows on Second Peninsula
Copyright © 2017
Medium: Digital Print
Dimensions: Variable

Title: Hand Drawn Halifax Cover
Title: Lobster Print



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