Annie Abdalla


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Phone: 902-852-3709



Medium: painting
Years in Business: 15
Address: 271 Seligs Road
City: Prospect
Postal Code: B3T 2A7
Geographic Location: Coast-and-Country-West
Hours of Business: By Appointment, call or email ahead


Annie’s paintings are described as a combination of contemplative practice, pigment, and humour. Leaving behind specific details to pursue the essence of a place or territory, she creates abstract landscape paintings that play with the concept of horizon. Annie has taught for many years at Goddard College (Vermont) and also teaches workshops in her studio focusing on the intersection of contemplative practice.

Description of artist's work

Annie makes paintings in oil, encaustic, and mixed media. Themes include abstracted landscapes and map influenced works.

Title: Maitland
Copyright © 2016
Medium: Oil and Cold Wax on Panel
Dimensions: 24" X 30"
Title: High Head #2
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Dimensions: 36" X 48"
Title: La Grande Ligne
Copyright © 2015
Medium: Oil and cold wax on panel
Dimensions: 24" X 48"

Title: Truck Morgan Road
Copyright © 2015
Medium: Oil on treated paper
Dimensions: 24" X 18"
Title: Sail
Copyright © 2014
Medium: Encaustic on Panel
Dimensions: 36" X 24"
Title: Dusk on 143
Copyright © 2015
Medium: Oil and Cold Wax on Panel
Dimensions: 20" X 30"



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